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List of Persons Banned from Entering EU Countries

This is list of Yugoslav Army and Government officials, as well as Serbian Government officials, who are banned from entering Europen Union coutries and the coutries that joint newest EU sanctions against Yugoslavia. The list is announced by News Agency SENSE and published in Podgorica Daily "Vijesti" on May 13, 1999.
This list has been updated with names which have been banned EU on June 4th

  • FRY President Slobodan Milosevic

Milosevic's Family members

  • Milica Gajic Milosevic, daughter-in-law
  • Mira Markovic, wife
  • Borislav Milosevic, brother
  • Marija Milosevic, daughter
  • Marko Milosevic, son

FRY Government

  • Minister of Exterior Trade, Bozidar Antic
  • Minister of sports, Velizar Djeric
  • Federal assembly Security Board Chief, Radmilo Bogdanovic
  • Republics Council President, Srdja Bozovic
  • Prime Minister Momir Bulatovic
  • Minister of Defense Pavle Bulatovic
  • Minister of Finances Bozidar Gazivoda
  • Labour, health care and social politics deputy minister, Mirjana Dragas
  • Minister of Transportation Dejan Drobnjakovic
  • Legal advisor of the Foreign Affairs Ministry Rodoljub Etinski
  • Minister of Economy Rade Filipovic
  • Minister of Labour, Healthcare and Social Politics Miroslav Ivanisevic
  • Ministry of Defense Administration Chief, General Milan Jevtic
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zivadin Jovanovic
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs European department Director, Zoran Kikic
  • Minister of Justice Zoran Knezevic
  • Minister of Labour, Healthcare and Social Politics Assistant, Maksim Korac
  • Minister without portfolio, Jugoslav Kostic
  • Deputy Prime Minister Vladan Kutlesic
  • Deputy Minister of Justice, Dusan Latinovic
  • Deputy Prime Minister, Zoran Lilic
  • Deputy Minister of Telecommunications, Slavenko Markicevic
  • Minister without portfolio, Dragan Markovic
  • Deputy Minister of the Interior, Milisav Markovic
  • Minister without portfolio, Goran Matic
  • Citizens Council President, Milomir Minic
  • Deputy Minister, Radonja Minic
  • Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zoran Novakovic
  • Minister of Telecommunications, Dojcilo Radojevic
  • Deputy Prime Minister, Nikola Sainovic
  • Minister of Agriculture Nedeljko Sipovac
  • Minister of Interior, Zoran Sokolovic
  • Deputy Minister of Telecommunications, Aco Stevanovic
  • Deputy Minister of Defence, General Ljubisa Velickovic
  • Deputy Minister of Finances, Drago Vucinic
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman, Nebojsa Vujovic
  • Minister of the Exterior Trade, Borislav Vukovic
  • Deputy Prime Minister, Danilo Vuksanovic
  • Deputy Prime Minister, Jovan Zebic
  • Minister of Development, Science and Ecology Jagos Zelenovic

Serbian Government

  • Interim Kosovo Executive Council President, Zoran Andelkovic
  • Vice-president, Slobodan Babic
  • Minister of Agriculture, Jovan Babovic
  • Minister of Ecology, Branislav Blazic
  • Deputy Prime Minister, Milovan Bojic
  • Minister of Tourism, Slobodan Cerovic
  • Minister of Mining, Zivota Cosic
  • Deputy Minister of Interior, Nikola Curcic
  • Minister of Information Assistant, Dusanka Djogo-Antonovic
  • Deputy Minister of Interior, General Vlastimir Djordevic
  • Interim Kosovo Executive Council member, Bosko Drobnjak
  • Minister without portfolio, Maja Gojkovic
  • Interim Kosovo Executive Council member, Bajram Haliti
  • Minister of Science and Technology, Branislav Ivkovic
  • Minister of Justice, Dragoljub Jankovic
  • Minister without portfolio, Bogoljub Karic
  • Minister of Information Assistant, Miljkan Karlicic
  • Minister of Youth and Sports Dragoljub Kocovic
  • Minister of Constructions, Dejan Kovacevic
  • Minister of Trade, Zoran Krasic
  • Minister without portfolio, Djura Lazic
  • Prime Minister, Mirko Marjanovic
  • Deputy Minister of Interior, Radomir Markovic
  • Deputy Prime Minister, Ratko Markovic
  • Minister of Finances, Borislav Milacic
  • Minister of Labour, Tomislav Milenkovic
  • Minister of Healthcare, Leposava Milicevic
  • President, Milan Milutinovic
  • Minister for Contacts with Serbs Abroad, Miroslav Mircic
  • Deputy Minister of Interior, General Stojan Misic
  • Minister of Industry, Luka Mitrovic
  • Minister without portfolio, Paja Momcilov
  • Minister of Family Care, Ministar za brigu o porodici Miroslav Nedeljkovic
  • Deputy Prime Minister, Tomislav Nikolic
  • Vojvodina Executive Council President, Bosko Perosevic
  • Minister of Local Self-government, Gordana Pop Lazic
  • Deputy Minister of Information, Miodrag Popovic
  • Minister of Religions, Milovan Radovanovic
  • Department for Public Security Deputy Chief, Dragisa Ristivojevic
  • Interim Kosovo Executive Council member, Gulbehar Sabovic
  • Minister without portfolio, Ivan Sedlak
  • Deputy Prime Minister, Vojislav Seselj
  • Special Forces Chief, Frenki Simatovic
  • Minister of Culture, Zeljko Simic
  • Vojvodina Parliament President, Zivorad Smiljanovic
  • Deputy Minister of Interior, Obrad Stevanovic
  • Minister of Interior, Vlajko Stojiljkovic
  • Minister of Privatisation, Jorgovanka Tabakovic
  • Minister of Transportation and Communications, Drago Todorovic
  • Minister of Education, Jovo Todorovic
  • Deputy Prime Minister, Dragan Tomic
  • Deputy Prime Minister, Dragomir Tomic
  • Minister without portfolio, Slobodan Tomovic
  • Interim Kosovo Executive Council member, Ibro Vajt
  • Minister without portfolio, Cedomir Vasiljevic
  • Kosovo County Deputy Chief, Veljko Odalovic
  • Minister of Information, Aleksandar Vucic
  • Deputy Minister of Interior, Petar Zekovic
  • Interim Kosovo Executive Council member, Vojislav Zivkovic
  • Radmila Visic - deputy minister of information in Serbian government
  • Dragan Tomic - manager of Jugopetrol and chairman of Serbian parliament


  • Third Army 57th Batallion Commander, Major Atanasijevic
  • Third Army, 52nd Pristina Crops Deputy Commander, Colenel Antonic
  • Yugoslav Army Supreme Command Logistics Chief, General Konstantin Arsenovic
  • Third Army 15th Brigade Commander, Colonel Mladen Cirkovic
  • Kosovo Security Deputy Chief, Ljubinko Cvetic
  • Third Army 549th Motorized Brigade Commander, Colonel Delic
  • Third Army Officer, Major Dragutin Dimcevski
  • Third Army Officer, Colonel Milan Djakovic
  • Third Army 52nd Pristina Corps Officer, Colonel Milorad Djakovic
  • Third Army Officer, Captain Dejan Djokic
  • Third Army 52nd Light Anti-Aircraft Brigade Commander, Colonel Djosan
  • Third Army 354th Infantry Brigade Commander, Colonel Djudic
  • Third Army Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Ljubinko Djurkovic
  • Yugoslav Army Supreme Command Chief, General Dragoljub Ojdanic
  • Military Intelligence Service Chief, General Geza Farkas
  • Ministry of Interior spokesman for Kosovo, Lieutenant Colonel Bozidar Filic
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Intelligence Service Chief, Colonel Gajic
  • Kosovo Security Forces Chief, David Gajic
  • Third Army Officer, Colonel Mihajlo Gregar
  • Supreme Court Martial President, General Milos Gojkovic
  • Third Army Court Martial Judge, Miroljub Gusic
  • Third Army 55th Batallion Commander, Major Jovic
  • Second Intellignece Directorate Chief, General Krga
  • Third Army 52nd Pristina Corps Commander, General Vladimir Lazarevic
  • Commision for Cooperation with OSCE President, General Loncar
  • 72th Special Forces Brigade Commander, Colonel Lukic
  • Third Army 125th Motorized Brigade Chief, Colonel Manic
  • Supreme Command Deputy Chief, General Marjanovic
  • Third Army Officer, Captain Bratislav Mihajlovic
  • Third Army Court Martial Judge, Radenko Miladinovic
  • Third Army Court Martial Judge, Colonel Vukasin Milojevic
  • Prizren Troops Commander, Captain Milivoje Milosavljevic
  • Supreme Command Information Service Chief, Colonel Milivoje Novkovic
  • Second Army Comander, General Obradovic
  • Military Prosecutor, General Obrencevic
  • Infantry Commander, General Panic
  • Third Army Commander, General Nebojsa Pavkovic
  • Lipljan Police Chief of Staff, Captain Stevan Radenovic
  • Nis County Militry Prosecutor, Colonel Stanimir Radosavljevic
  • Kosovska Mitrovica Ministry of Interior Official, Miroljub Ristic
  • Army Forces Supervision Chief, General Samardzic
  • Third Army Headquarters Chief, General Miodrag Simic
  • Presidents' Military Cabinet Chief, General Slavoljub Susic
  • Third Army Officer, Captain Dusko Slivcanin
  • Air Force and Anti-Aircraft Artillery Commander, General Radomir Smiljanic
  • Third Army 53rd Batallion Commander, Major Sorak
  • Third Army Officer, Captain Ivica Stankovic
  • Third Army 52nd Artillery Brigade Commander, Colonel Stefanovic
  • Gnjilane Commander, Colonel Radojko Stefanovic
  • Pristina Security Forces Chief, Lieutenant Colonel Momir Stojanovic
  • Third Army Headquarters Chief, General Stojimirovic
  • Special Forces Commander, General Ljubisa Stojinovic
  • 63rd Paratroops Brigade Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Ilija Todorov
  • Third Army 211th Brigade Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Tomic
  • Third Army 15th Brigade Headquarters Chief, Colonel Sinisa Trajkovic
  • Special Forces Commander, Colonel Trkulja
  • Third Army 243rd Machinery Brigade Commander, Colonel Jelic
  • Third Army 243rd Motorized Brigade Commander, Colonel Srba Zdravkovic
  • Navy Commander, Admiral Milan Zec
  • Third Army Pristina Corps Information Officer, Captain Zeljko Zirojevic
  • Third Army 125th Motorized Brigade Commander, Colonel Zivanovic
  • Grujica Davidovic - commander of Uzice Corpse of Yugoslav Army
  • Aleksandar Bakocevic - chief of Yugoslav Army's Information service
  • Milorad Savovic - president of Military Court of Second Army

Persons close to Milosevic's regime

  • "Beogradska Banka" Assistant Director, Slobodan Acimovic
  • Suva Reka Mayor, Reke Stanislav Andelkovic
  • "Politika" a. d. Director General Dragan Antic
  • "Zastava" Factory Director, Milan Beko
  • Hotel "Metropol" Press-Center Director, Aleksandar Bogdanovic
  • Lipljan Mayor, Ljubinko Bozic
  • High Official of Yugoslav United Left, Bratislava Buba Morina
  • "Srbijasume" President, Dobrivoje Budimirovic
  • SPDR Official Jova Cekovic
  • Klina Mayor, Sveta Dabisljevic
  • Socialist Party of Serbia Spokesman, Ivica Dacic
  • "Ilustrovana politika" Editor-in-Chief, Jevrem Damjanovic
  • Serbian Supreme Court Judge, Blagoje Danilovic
  • Yugoslav National Bank Director for Foreign Affairs, Gavrilo Djedovic
  • "Takovo" Director, Ivko Djonovic
  • Commercial Bank Director, Ljubisa Djordevic
  • "Borba" Editor-in-Chief, Zivorad Djordevic
  • Decani Mayor, Milivoje Djurkovic
  • "Beogradska Banka" Official, Aleksandar Dobic
  • Vucitrn Mayor, Slobodan Doknic
  • "Beogradska Banka" Executive Board President, Drago Dragas
  • Serbian Radical Party Official, Stevo Dragisic
  • Socialist Party of Serbia Board member Oskar Fodor
  • Socialist Party of Serbia Secretary General, Gorica Gajevic
  • Serbian Supreme Court President, Balsa Govedarica
  • Serbian Radio-television Production Director, Sladana Ivancevic
  • Socialist Party of Serbia Vice-President, Zivorad Igic
  • "East Point" Holding Director, Zoran Ivkovic
  • Leposavic Mayor, Dragan Jablanovic
  • "Beogradska Banka" Credit Department Director, Dusica Jakovljevic
  • Serbian Telecom Director General, Milorad Jaksic
  • Serbian Radical Party Sumadija Regional Board President, Natasa Jovanovic
  • Yugoslav United Left of Jagodina Chief, Zivotije Jovanovic
  • Owner of the Serbian Coorporation in Lebanon, Zoran Jovanovic
  • Socialist Party of Serbia Chief for Kosovska Mitrovica, Selimir Kaljcanin
  • Karic family members: Dragomir Karic, Milanka Karic, Sreten Karic i Zoran Karic
  • Federal Custom Director, Mihalj Kertes
  • Yugoslav National Bank Vice-governer, Ljubisa Krgovic
  • Serbian State Prosecutor, Dragisa Krsmanovic
  • "Galenika" Director, Marija Krstajic
  • "Beogradska Banka" Official, Ivan Lazarevic
  • Yugoslav United Left Official, Tatjana Lenard
  • Yugoslav National Bank Official, Dragan Lijesevic
  • "Beogradska Banka" Official, Vladimir Lincevski
  • "Geneks" Hotels Director, Vladimir Ljubicic
  • "Sloboda" Cacak Factory Director, Radomir Ljujic
  • Yugoslav United Left Directorat member, Nebojsa Maljkovic
  • Yugoslav United Left Spokesman, Ivan Markovic
  • "Beogradska Banka" Executive Director, Zoran Markovic
  • "Beogradska Banka" Official, Suzana Martinov
  • "Beogradska Banka" Official, Olivera Matic
  • Smederevo Ironworks Factory Director, Dusan Matkovic
  • Commercial Bank Executive Director, Ljubomir Mihajlovic
  • Electrical Company of Serbia Manager, Radoslav Mihajlovic
  • "Pekabeta" Director, Nena Mihaljevic
  • BK-Telecom TV Editor-in-Chief, Dejan Milekovic
  • Socialist Party of Serbia Board member, Milivoje Miletic
  • FRY Economy Chamber President, Mihajlo Milojevic
  • Obilic Mayor, Zoran Milosevic
  • Socialist Party of Serbia Board member, Dragoljub-Minja Milovanovic
  • Socialist Party of Serbia Board member, Milomir Minic
  • "Delta Bank" Director, Miroslav Miskovic
  • TV "Pink" Owner, Zeljko Mitrovic
  • Transportation Institute CIP Director, Milutin Mrkonjic
  • Radio B92 Appointed Director, Aleksandar Nikacevic
  • Kosovska Mitrovica Mayor, Vojislav Nojic
  • Socialist Party of Serbia Board member, Radovan Pankov
  • "Srpska Rec" Editor-in-Chief, Bogoljub Pejcic
  • Socialist Party of Serbia Board member, Goran Percevic
  • Gnjilane Mayor, Bogdan Peric
  • "Beogradska Banka" President, Zlatan Perucic
  • "Beogradska Banka" Official, Gordana Popovic
  • Pec County Chief, Jovo Popovic
  • TV "Politika" Editor Sanja Puric
  • Patriots Association of Belgrade Chief, Milorad Radevic
  • Socialist Party of Serbia Board member, Dejan Radenkovic
  • "C-Market" Director Slobodan Radulovic
  • Socialist Party of Serbia Board member, Tomica Raicevic
  • Socialist Party of Serbia Board member, Aleksandar Raicevic
  • Yugoslav United Left President, Ljubisa Ristic
  • "Rodic MB" owner, Milan Rodic
  • Socialist Party of Serbia Board member, Roza Despotovic
  • Socialist Party of Serbia Board member, Hajrije Rugova
  • Pristina Mayor, Dusan Simic
  • Srbica Mayor, Sima Simic
  • Yugoslav United Left Directorate member, Zivko Soklovacki
  • Yugoslav United Left Directorate member, Vladimir Stambuk
  • Yugoslav National Bank Vice-governer, Nikola Stanic
  • Yugoslav United Left Directorate member, Srboljub Stankovic
  • Djakovica Mayor, Momcilo Stanojevic
  • "Beogradska Banka" Official, Vesna Stevovic
  • "C-Market" Director, Tihomir Todorovic
  • "Beogradska Banka" Executive Director, Ljiljana Tomasevic
  • Podujevo Mayor, Milovan Tomic
  • Kosovska Mitrovica County Chief, Zdravko Trajkovic
  • Yugoslav National Bank Vice-governer, Zarko Trbojevic
  • "Grmec" Factory Director, Rajko Uncanin
  • Socialist Party of Serbia Information Council Chief, Slavko Veselinovic
  • Yugoslav National Bank Governer, Dusan Vlatkovic
  • "Beogradska Banka" Director, Borka Vucic
  • Banker, Milija Zecevic
  • Banker, Miodrag Zecevic
  • Belgrade Public Transport Director, Milan Zivanovic
  • Socialist Party of Serbia Board member, Zivota Zivkovic
  • Socialist Party of Serbia member, Zivota Cvetkovic
  • Radoman Bozovic - manager of Genex corporation
  • Zoran Cicak - advisor of manager of Beogradska Banka bank
  • Djordje Nicovic - private banker, former deputy Governor of Yugoslav Bank
  • Dusan Radovanovic - president of Nis office of SPS (Milosevic's party)
  • Boza Vucurevic - Geneva, Switzerland businessman, co-owner of "Nivada" company

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